About ISG Database Development

Professional Database Application Development

The Integrated Solution Group, Inc. has provided database services and custom database solutions since 1993. At ISG all projects are important. Our customers range from mid-sized privately owned organizations to large Fortune 500 companies. Our custom database applications are designed to achieve maximum efficiency while maintaining superior data integrity. Our database integration team can create links between your installed software packages, resulting in enhanced reporting and information exchange capabilities. ISG professionals can work directly with your software staff to create performance driven database software applications or we can independently design and build a custom database or custom database software application to your exact specifications. Don’t wait for your competition to gain more ground on your business. ISG database development services include:

Database Consulting

ISG Consultants can evaluate your existing database structure or review your database requirements and work with you to design an appropriate database structure for your business. We build MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Access database solutions using database modeling tools, database objects, stored procedures, and database triggers. We can help you capture valuable business data and build the the reporting systems to put the information to effective use.

Database Design

Quality custom database software doesn’t just happen. ISG database designers will work directly with your business team to evaluate your business needs and build a database design tailored to your exact needs. Our designers use the latest tools and techniques to insure that our database solutions are effective and optimized for superior performance, and our database models result create high quality database documentation for your organization.

Database Integration

Our experienced database integration team will review your existing database applications and assist you with the process of integrating a wide variety of databases into other business processes. We use a number of speciality tools that allow us to create solutions that achieve your integration goals and our database developers will provide the middleware to link your disparate database applications.

Database Programming

Custom database development is more than just laying out tables. Effective database programming requires careful analysis of the the business processes involved and significant attention to details gathered through use case documentation. Referential integrity of data can be insured by adequate planning of database indices and performance is directly effected by the quantity and quality of stored procedures and triggers integrated into the database structure. ISG database programmers can help you get the most out of your custom database application. We use industry standard database development methodologies and techniques.