Software Rewrites

softwarerewritesDo you have a unique piece of software that can’t be easily replaced? Has technology passed you by, leaving you with slow, unreliable or obsolete software? Many companies are still using software based on DOS or other legacy platforms. While these products may have functioned well in their day, numerous changes to hardware and operating systems have caused many products to reach the end of their effective life cycle. Much of this software, however, was custom written and is difficult to replace. ISG can help you rewrite these packages in today’s state of the art languages. Even if the original source code is not available, we may be able to reverse engineer the software and create a new version. We can restore the reliability and performance needed to make your business software operate effectively.

custombusinesssoftware1ISG uses a variety of methods to upgrade or replace obsolete software. Normally we start with the development of a functional specification that defines the requirements and attributes of the software. This is an area where experience is valuable. When rewriting software, it is not uncommon to have missing or unknown information. ISG has the necessary experience to analyze, monitor, and decode what the software is actually doing. Once we have a functional specification, we conduct a search to determine if part, or all of the necessary software components are available. Whenever possible, we will modify existing software to the functional requirements rather than create new custom business software from scratch. This approach always saves time and expense. In all cases, we work directly with our customer to establish a schedule and budget for development and installation of the replacement software

Our dedicated support team is committed throughout the life cycle of your project. Our mission is to support you in the design, development, and implementation of your replacement software. We tailor our solutions to the real needs of your business. At ISG we take our business partnerships seriously. Many of our customers have been with us for years. In some cases we have upgraded their software or operating systems multiple times. In all cases we work directly with our business partners to insure that their business systems run effectively. Our continuing commitment to emerging technologies allows us to assist our partners in finding the best possible software solutions.

ISG custom software is designed, built, and supported in America. We service what we sell.

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