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TCCOTS-HomeDo you need custom software to improve the functionality of your enterprise technology initiatives? Are you getting a suitable return on your business software investment? Are your customers or suppliers complaining that they can’t do business with you via the Internet because of problems with inaccurate or missing information, data not available when it is required (or not available in the correct format), or your software is simply too confusing to use? ISG can help. Don’t wait for your competition to snare your valuable customers because they have a superior business software solution. Our professional custom software consultants can help you define efficient business processes that can improve your operational efficiencies and you time and money. Equally important, Our custom software designers will help you evaluate business practices and software solutions designed to increase customer loyalty and improve customer retention. If you are serious about your business and eCommerce software then you should consider software consulting, software design, custom software development or a custom software solution from The Integrated Solution Group.


Our software designs include detailed use cases, easy to understand wireframes and user interface prototypes, complete database models, and implementation / test plans. Our database development projects typicallyinclude a data model, data dictionary, database normalization, and embedded stored procedures / triggers for maximum custom software performance. Visit our custom software development lifecycle management page for more information about our development process.


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custom-web-software-developmentIs your business struggling in these difficult economic times? Are you looking for ways to decrease costs while increasing customer loyalty and employee performance? ISG can help you find ways to make your business more profitable by utilizing strategically designed custom web software to automate standard (or specialized) business functions. Our custom software design experts can guide you through the tasks of selecting business processes that are suitable for service via the web, assist with corporate branding, navigation and presentation strategies, design the necessary supporting databases, and identify any necessary software integration links. Once the design is complete our database development team will construct and optimize the supporting databases and our custom software developers will build the custom web pages required to support your application. ISG employs a modified RAD (Rapid Application Development) methodology focused on execution of short term development sprints (controlled via ScrumWorks) extracted from the master development plan. This segmented development approach allows us to build rapidly while controlling quality and scope creep. Our custom software is subjected to rigorous testing throughout the software development process and our clients are encouraged to participate in unit testing as the software is being built.


Custom eCommerce Software Development | Custom Programming

If your current business software solution lacks an eCommerce software interface, or if you simply need a new eCommerce software solution, then ISG can help. Our experienced internetsoftware consultants will help you evaluate your eCommerce software requirements and select the appropriate eCommerce software tools and, if your requirements are so unique that a suitable eCommmerce software solution can’t be located, then ISG can provide the eCommerce software design and custom eCommerce software development services required to build the product. We can work independently or, if you prefer, work with your existing staff to develop an effective eCommerce software solution engineered to your exact needs and, best of all, we deliver full source code with all of our completed custom e Commerce software solutions. Let us show you how to use your web site to improve operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Whether you are looking for a simple shopping cart solution or a complex database driven website, our custom software development team hcan build an eCommerce solution for you. ISG provides custom eCommerce software for Windows and Open Source platforms and we work with all relational database engines.


Database Development | Database Application Development

In addition to custom software development for business applications, ISG also provides database application development and web database development services using the latest PHP and .NET application development methodologies and web database design tools for MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and Access databases. We use the latest software development technologies including PHP, C#, .NET versions 1, 2, and 3, ASP.NET, and VB.NET to insure that your custom database software will achieve maximum reliability and performance. ISG database consultants will work with you to create an optimum database design and work with our database programming staff to create a quality custom database solution that fulfills your enterprise requirements. The entire database application development process will be monitored by our project management and quality control team and ISG provides a development testbed so our clients can participate in each stage of the development process. ISG database integration personnel can also help you integrate existing custom database software with your eCommerce or business web site.


At ISG we take our customers seriously and consider them our business partners. Our custom application software development is based upon the latest technologies available and our custom business software solutions are designed to meet the exact needs of the customer. We develop custom business software solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications and can build a custom business software application for you.

Custom Software Development Services Hawaii Vehicle Registration WebsiteThe Integrated Solution Group, Inc. provides custom software solutions and software integration services for a wide variety of industries. We deliver value by designing and building custom business software designed to improve the overall operating performance of your business. ISG’s experienced custom software consultants can provide professional assistance in custom software design, custom software development and software integration services. Strong software design, sound project management and enforced quality standards ensures that our custom software solutions are delivered on-time and within budget. At ISG client success is our number one priority.

In general, our custom software development life cycle methodology contains the following steps:

Proposed custom software is defined and a software requirements document is created. If existing software is to be replaced, the existing software is evaluated to identify software and processing deficiencies. This is typically done by interviewing users of the software and consulting with software support personnel. The results of the existing software evaluation are then added to the new software application requirements. In particular, the new software design must address the functional requirements and any deficiencies in the existing software application, with specific proposals for improvement of the software functionality. The software design document is completed and plans are laid out concerning the physical construction, hardware, operating systems, programming, communications, and security issues (the software development plan).

custom-software-development-project-managementThe custom software is developed in accordance with the software development plan. The new components and custom programs are tested and installed. Business software users must be trained in its use, and all aspects of specific and performance must be tested and verified. If necessary, software modifications, adjustments or enhancements should be made at this stage. The custom business software application is put into use. This can be done in various ways. The new system can phased in, according to application or location, and the old software gradually replaced. In some cases, it may be more cost-effective to shut down the old system and implement the new software all at once. This decision can also be influenced by any special interface or software integration requirements. Users of the custom software should be kept up-to-date concerning the latest software modifications and procedural changes.




Custom Database Software Development

custom_software_flipbookDo you need custom database software development to power your business? Our database consulting team and experienced database development professionals can design and build a custom database solution that addresses your unique business requirements and innovative software strategies. Our custom database software process includes documentation of your project objectives, a comprehensive study of your business processing rules, a detailed system design including user interface requirements, processing rules and requirements, database design and database model, as well as detailed testing and implementation plans. Our database programmers use the latest Microsoft tools and methods to create a quality custom database solution and the entire database application development process is monitored by our project management and quality control staff.

The Integrated Solution Group, Inc. works with companies that range in size from small family owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Our custom software development services will help you streamline processes, reduce errors, and raise productivity. Contact ISG today to find out how our custom business software solutions can improve the performance of your organization. Call us for a free consultation regarding your custom software needs and to find out more about our database services, software consulting, software development, and custom software solutions. If you need it, we can build it for you, your way. ISG also provides software support services for a variety of products including orphaned software solutions.

Our custom software is designed and built by professionals and we service what we sell.