Software Design

softwaredesignHave you ever noticed how much easier some software packages are to use or conversely, how difficult and confusing others can be? Maybe you’ve been frustrated that you can’t seem to get that one piece of information that you really need to make that big decision? Does your business software improve the operating performance of your company or is it holding you back? The answers to these questions are often heavily influenced by software design. All custom business software is not created equal. Just like a fine house designed by a top architect or a high end sports car designed by top automotive engineers, software performance is directly impacted by the quality of the original software design. As is the case with most things in life, built in quality and performance will usually outperform later attempts to repair defects or short comings.

Then why do people design ineffective or unresponsive custom software? Surely it is not intentional. In many cases the problem can be traced to two basic requirements of software design: experience and communications. The two go hand in hand. It doesn’t matter how experienced or how smart you are if you can’t understand what the customer is asking for or you can’t convey your concepts to them. It also doesn’t matter that you are a fluent communicator when you simply don’t know how to build a custom software solution. We are all familiar with sales personnel who eloquently describe a solution that turns out to be unavailable, and many of us have our frustrations with off-shore tech support personnel who probably have superior knowledge of their product but seem incapable of communicating it to us when we need it most. We believe that sound software design is based upon an accurate understanding of the business requirements and concise documentation of the business rules involved, requiring both experience and strong communication skills.

At ISG we take our business partnerships seriously. Just take a look at our testimonial page. We work directly with our customers to insure that our software designs will result in the best possible business software solutions. We have many, many years of software design experience and we enjoy sharing this knowledge with our partners. We maintain a high level of communications throughout the entire process and we believe that our continuing commitment to emerging technologies allows us to assist our customers in finding the best possible technology solutions. We can help you design high performance custom software that gets the job done. Contact ISG to discuss your custom accounting software, custom bar code software, custom business software, and custom eCommerce software needs.

Database Software Design | Web Database Design

customsoftwaredevelopment1Need help with database design and custom database development? Having trouble organizing your important business data? Are your customers frustrated because they can’t get the information they need when they need it? Is your staff complaining that your business reporting system doesn’t provide critical information required for decision making? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider professional database design and database consulting services provided by The Integrated Solution Group, Inc. Our experienced database designers will help you evaluate your business data and create a conceptual database design and relational database design tailored to the actual requirements of your company. The ISG database design team will work directly with your staff to create a custom database design that will improve the accuracy of your reporting systems and our database integration specialists will insure that you get your valuable data from those difficult stand alone systems. If you need web database development we can evaluate your requirements and provide a comprehensive web database design.