Benefits of Custom Database Software

One of the major dilemma of companies when it comes to application workforce is whether they should opt for custom database software or off-the-shelf (commercial) one. While each solution has its own advantages, there is definitely an obvious inclination toward the custom development. In the following lines we’ll describe in detail the advantages of a custom development software:


Easily Customizable

With the aid of custom databases you can organize and access information more easily, in a way which makes sense for your company. Setting goals becomes easier, just as it happens with progress measurement and operations handling. This builds a tremendous value for your business, allowing it to develop continuously in the proper environment. With custom solutions you’ll always have an edge over your competitors as you’re the one who’s for the main operational functions. You can personalize it in detail to perform exactly as expected, a feature that is hardly available with commercial software.


Long Term Efficiency

What’s truly great about custom databases is just how easily you can add new features and processes and how flexible they remain every time. This comes in a sharp contrast to the inflexible software which gives you no option but to do things the way programmers intended to. Ultimately, the freedom and flexibility that you gain with custom software enables you to modify, streamline and develop your database as per your actual needs. Why deal with the same unintuitive routine when you could have your own personalized way of doing things?


Quick and Agile Development

When speaking about custom databases and its easily customizable features, we quickly discover that a typical cycle takes no longer than 1-2 weeks, period which includes review, testing and feedback. Such quick cycle enables you to resolve all issues quickly, add new features and quickly modify code when the need arises. This is largely unavailable with off-the-shelf software, where you’re being stuck with only the traditional way of doing things. Creativity is limited to a large extent if you cannot modify the product as needed, and this will be easily observed into your profitability graph. By comparison, this is no longer a problem with a custom solution.


Saves Money

While custom database software may initially cost more than off-the-shelf solutions, in the long run this difference is largely ameliorated. You’ll quickly notice that such product can even help you save money by reducing inefficiencies, technical problems and overhead costs. You can later invest this money into your company’s infrastructure, thus greatly enhancing development and productivity.

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