Streamline the Process of Scheduling and Routing

Every supplier knows the difficulty with efficiently scheduling the delivery of your customer’s orders. Dispatch and delivery is a time-consuming task vital to your day-to-day operation, but is one of the most difficult operations to manage. Did you know that there is a better and easier way?

RoadWizard is an easy to use, desktop decision support tool that simplifies dispatch planning for companies with small to medium sized fleets, enabling you to reduce transportation costs, increase driver efficiency, and improve

Generate Optimal Delivery Schedules

businessproductivitysoftware1RoadWizard is designed to automate your routing and scheduling process using your work rules and customer data directly from your business software. The software enables your warehouse manager to schedule delivery routes as soon as orders are picked from the business system.

RoadWizard provides a visual map of your deliveries per truck, enabling you to make informed decisions about which truck will deliver what orders where and when. You have the flexibility of changing your work rules to create a different solution, allowing you to determine the best combination of deliveries per truck based on customer requirements and efficient operations.

RoadWizard offers many unique features that makes planning your deliveries an easier and more efficient process. RoadWizard contains a useful electronic street directory that is a handy tool that can be used to resolve misspellings and addressing errors from orders within your business system. These problems get resolved before the trucks leave the warehouse so that your drivers stay on schedule to meet customer requirements.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

The usefulness of the software runs much deeper than just route planning. Using sophisticated mapping software, RoadWizard provides management with accurate estimates of delivery timetables, translating directly to improvements in customer service.

The software is powerful enough to space an order across multiple trucks, further allowing your company to manage large deliveries within customer timeframes.

Increase the Efficiency of Your Truck Fleet

RW3_smallRoadWizard allows management to have greater control over the delivery fleet. Imagine being able to tell your customer precisely when a delivery will show up when he calls. With an understanding of when and where a truck should be at any given point, wasted time will be identified and then decisions can be made to eliminate it. This level of control reduces driver labor, dispatch labor, and fleet operating costs.

With Microsoft MapPoint, RoadWizard creates driving directions and maps. It can estimate the times and distances for each leg of a given truck’s journey, giving you control over your delivery fleet. The printable and automatically generated maps are detailed, labeled for each stop, and feature a colored route line that simplifies getting to your destination.

A Solution for Every Business

RoadWizard can be integrated with most ERP systems making it automatic to retrieve the orders from the business system for scheduling, further reducing the time spent by the dispatcher. RoadWizard is the solution to increase efficiency for your dispatch and delivery needs.

Let ISG help you develop a solution that increases your productivity. Contact us to see how RoadWizard can help you increase productivity and reduce costs.