Build eCommerce Web Site

Build eCommerce Web Site

If you need an Internet presence but don’t know how to build an eCommerce web site or your customers are complaining that they can’t do business with you via the world wide web, or perhaps you have an existing eCommerce software solution that isn’t fulfilling the requirements of your business or you are looking for eCommerce software but can’t find a package that suits your unique needs, then you should consider custom eCommerce software development by The Integrated Solution Group. ISG can provide eCommerce web site design and custom eCommerce software development services to help you achieve your goals. We can customize existing eCommerce software packages to suit your needs or design and build a custom eCommerce web site for you. ISG’s eCommerce software consultants can design and build effective custom eCommerce software tailored to the exact needs of your business and your customers. Our eCommerce web site development services can help you build your business on the web.

e Commerce Custom Internet Software

It’s no secret that most successful companies now have an Internet web site. Customers are becoming more accustomed to logging in to place orders, check their order status, and to perform any number of business transactions. The reason is simple, they can do their searches at their own convenience and avoid calling  during business hours and spending time waiting in telephone queues. If you don’t currently have effective Internet software for your business then you are probably losing business to your competitors. An effective eCommerce solution can help you improve your busines and retain your valuable customers. ISG has provided quality software consulting and software design services since 1993. Our experienced eCommerce software developers can help you in design and build an eCommerce software solution tailored to the exact needs of your business. We can also work with your existing staff to develop an effective eCommerce software development process, and best of all, we deliver full source code with all of our completed eCommerce web site development projects. If you feel that your business is falling behind, or you’re tired of hearing your customers complain, we can build an eCommerce software solution for you.


Web Database Design Services e-Commerce

Need help with web database design and custom database development? Having trouble organizing your important business data? Are your customers frustrated because they can’t get the information they need when they need it? Is your staff complaining that your business reporting system doesn’t provide critical information required for decision making? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider professional database design and database consulting services provided by The Integrated Solution Group, Inc. Our experienced database designers will help you evaluate your business data and create a conceptual database design and relational database design tailored to the actual requirements of your company. Our database consultants use the latest .NET application development methodologies and web database design tools for MSSQL, MySQL, and Access databases. We use the latest development technologies including .NET versions 1 and 2, ASP.NET, and VB.NET to insure that your custom database application will achieve maximum performance. We will work directly with your staff to create a custom database design that will improve the accuracy of your reporting systems and our database integration specialists will insure that you get your valuable data from those difficult stand alone systems. If you need web database development we can evaluate your requirements and provide a comprehensive web database design.

Don’t let your business lose ground to your competitors just because you don’t have internet software. We can help you design high performance custom database software that will power your business on the world wide web. ISG custom software solutions are designed and built in America.