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customsoftwareLooking for a Connecticut custom software development company to help implement a new business strategy or process enhancement? Are you frustrated with the performance and reliability of your existing business software? Having problems with customers or suppliers due to  delays, mistakes, inaccurate or missing information? Are inefficient business processes costing you time and money or putting your company at a competitive disadvantage? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should be working with The Integrated Solution Group.

At ISG we understand that your Connecticut business could have unique software requirements and that finding a suitable packaged software or web software service solution may not be possible. We believe that business performance metrics such as employee productivity, operating profits, and customer loyalty are often directly related to the quality of the enterprise application software deployed by the organization. We also know that standard software packages do not always provide the specific features and functions required to meet the unique objectives of every organization and that sometimes the software will require modifications or custom software enhancements.

In general, our custom software development life cycle methodology contains the following steps:

Proposed software is defined and a software requirements document is created. If existing software is to be replaced, the existing software is evaluated and software and processing deficiencies are identified. This is normally done by interviewing users of the software and consulting with software support personnel. The results of the software evaluation are then added to the new software development requirements. In particular, the new software design must address the functional requirements and any deficiencies in the existing software application, with specific proposals for improvement of the software functionality and reliability. The software design document is completed and plans for the logical software construction, hardware, operating systems, networking, programming, communications, and security issues (the software development plan) are reviewed and accepted.

customsoftwareconsultingThe custom software is then developed in accordance with the software development plan and user interface requiremeents. The new software components and custom programs are tested and installed. Custom software users  must be trained in its use, and all aspects of usability and performance must be tested and verified. If necessary, software modifications, adjustments and feature enhancements should be made at this stage of the development cycle. The custom business software application is then released to the production environment. This can be done in various ways. The new system can phased in, according to application or location, and the old software gradually replaced. In some cases, it may be more cost effective to shut down the old system and implement the new software simultaneously. This decision may be influenced by any special interface or software integration requirements and availability of these components. Users of the software should be kept up to date concerning the implementation and any last minute software modifications or procedural changes.

Connecticut Custom Software Design Services

softwaredesignNeed help with database design and custom database development? Having trouble organizing your important business data? Are your customers frustrated because they can’t get the information  they need from your corporate website? Do they complain that your Internet software systems are not as good as your competition? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consider professional software design and consulting services provided by The Integrated Solution Group, Inc. Our experienced designers will help you evaluate your business requirements and create a software requirements document and conceptual database design that documents the actual software requirements of your company. The ISG design team will work directly with your staff to insure that the custom software design document includes user case studies, business rule definitions, processing constraints, security needs,and environmental issue definition.


ISG has designed and developed quality custom software since 1993. Our software is designed, built and supported in the USA. Contact ISG today for a free telephone consultation to discuss your custom software development, custom programming and custom software integration needs. ISG is conveniently located in Massachusetts, with a maximum four hour commute to all Connecticut locations.