Vermont Custom Desktop Software Development

softwareapplicationdevelopmentThe Integrated Solution Group, Inc. has provided custom software solutions and software design services to a wide variety of industries since 1993. We deliver value by designing and building custom desktop software designed to improve the overall operating performance of your business. ISG’s experienced custom software consultants can provide professional assistance in custom smart-client software design, custom software development and software integration services. Effective software design, sound project management and enforced quality standards ensures that our custom software solutions are delivered on-time and within budget. At ISG client success is our number one priority.

Effective software applications don’t just happen, ISG custom smart-client desktop software development is created using a detailed software development life cycle methodology consisting of the following steps:

Software Design: Documenting and verifying the software design is one of the most critical aspects of custom software development. To facilitate the custom programming effort, a detailed software requirements document is required. If existing software is to be replaced, the existing software must be evaluated to identify any feature or processing deficiencies. This is typically done by interviewing users of the software and consulting with software support personnel. The resulting software evaluation is then utilized to create the software requirements documentation, with special care given to insure that the new software design effectively addresses all user requirements and any necessary software interfaces. Careful attention is also paid to the database design and resulting database model. Once the software design document is complete plans are drafted for the physical software construction, hardware, operating systems, desktop software programming, database design and development, communications, and software/data security.

Software Development: A software schedule is developed in accordance with the software development plan. ISG employs a modified RAD (Rapid Application Development)philosophy and builds custom client software in small, manageable segments (sprints) controlled through ScrumWorks. This development methodology allows for fast development without sacrificing overall quality. The new components and custom programs are tested as they are constructed, leading to final testing. Where possible ISG uses automated testing. ISG always utilizes regression testing.

Software Training: To be effective, custom desktop software users should be trained on all features and functions of the software product including software navigation, security and user rights, standard conventions, and report generation options. If software support is to be performed by in-house personnel, additional training in software architecture, development conventions and standards, database design and structure including stored procedures and triggers, and software security training is also required. ISG also provides a training manual with its custom desktop software and makes certain that the manual is updated during subsequent software modification or enhancement.

Custom Software Consulting and Custom Database Software Development in VT

database-application-development-consultingDo you need custom software consulting help for your next software development project? Need a high performance database driven application but don’t know where to start? Our custom software and database consulting team have experience in all phases of software development and database design and creation. ISG’s experienced software development professionals can design and build a custom database driven software solution that addresses your unique business requirements and innovative software strategies. Our custom database software process includes documentation of your project objectives, a comprehensive study of your business processing rules, a detailed system design including user interface requirements, processing rules and requirements, database design and database model, as well as detailed testing and implementation plans. Our software consultants use the latest Microsoft tools and technologies to create a quality custom software plan to define and control the entire application development process.

But what if you don’t really need custom software? ISG software consultants can help you define your software requirements, locate, and evaluate commercial off the shelf software (COTS), and plan installation and migration to the new software. ISG’s consultants can also advise you on the desirability of creating a custom interface to standard accounting packages such as QuickBooks. Additional ISG products and services include:

Custom Internet Software Development Available in Vermont

internetsoftwareDon’t let your business fall behind the competition. At ISG our mission is to help our business partners maximize their operational and financial performance by leveraging Internet technologies and high performance custom web sites. We have many, many years of software design and software integration experience and we enjoy sharing this knowledge with our valued customers. At ISG we are committed to helping customers find the best possible technology solutions for their custom web applications. We can design and develop a custom database driven website for you. ISG custom software is built and supported in the USA. We currently service all US states and territories.

Our professional staff provides the software design and software development experience necessary to help you design and build a high quality custom web software package that will improve the operational performance of your business. Our experienced software consultants will work directly with your staff to define the business requirements of your custom software, review and evaluate available technology options to determine the most appropriate development environment for your web based applications, and build a realistic plan for the design, development, deployment, and support of your custom Internet software applications. Our web database development team will help you select the appropriate software platform, database, (we support most popular database products including MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSql, and MS Access), and construct the site to your unique requirements using the best available technologies. ISG’s custom web software and custom web application development typically includes:

  • Microsoft .Net Technology
  • ASP, .Net, PHP Active Server Pages
  • Integrated MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle Database
  • Admin Control Panel
  • Integrated Windows Service Controls
  • Full Source Code Option