Integrate UPS WorldShip With Your Business Software

Every distributor knows the difficulties of providing its customers with accurate and timely shipments. Many times these problems are compounded by an inability to link the business system directly to the shipping system, causing errors due to redundant entry of critical data. DataMonitor is designed to provide the missing link to allow you to integrate UPS WorldShip software into your business process.

Increase Shipping System Performance

DataMonitor allows you to pass individual package information directly to UPS WorldShip via text files generated by your business software. Critical information such as addresses, service type, COD charges, and handling fees are passed electronically to the WorldShip system, virtually eliminating all operator error. DataMonitor allows you to build your business rules into your software so your system can consistently process shipments the way you want them processed.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Reduced shipping errors results in fewer explanations, returns, credits, and adjustments, all of which contribute directly to improved customer service and satisfaction. DataMonitor also provides package level shipping information such as weight, tracking number, associated fees, and address corrections that can be integrated into your Customer Service desktop to further improve service levels.

Optimize Your Labor Investment

Increased efficiency and accuracy in shipping operations, elimination of redundant tasks, fewer credits, reduced problem handling, and desktop access to real time shipping information can all improve labor performance and increase operating profits. With DataMonitor you can optimize the contributions of your employees while reducing labor costs.

Why DataMonitor

DataMonitor allows non-ODBC compliant business systems to exchange data with UPS WorldShip and other ODBC ready packages. Software parameters and data definitions are user definable. DataMonitor automatically transfers text data records created by the user’s legacy system to UPS WorldShip. Resulting shipment records are then transferred by DataMonitor as export text files ready for processing by your business system.

With DataMonitor you can virtually eliminate redundant, error prone re-typing of shipment information. Names, addresses, service type, delivery options, COD charges, residential indicator, box sizes, and any other UPS information can be automatically sent to WorldShip. UPS shipment information including weights, shipping costs, tracking numbers and address updates is now available for import to your business software. Add this information to your customer service desktop and improve the efficiency of your service personnel. You can also use DataMonitor to access free extended WorldShip features such as email shipment notification to provide world-class support for your customers.