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Do you have questions about the availability of your web site? How do you know if your visitors get “page not found” errors when the server gets busy? What if the server is down and you don’t know about it? Do you think the hosting company will tell you? Will anybody tell you? What do you do if you have multiple sites and need routine monitoring? We can help. The Integrated Solution Group, Inc. has developed a custom software application to help you monitor those valuable web sites and best of all, its absolutely FREE.


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What is Web Check 24×7 and How Does it Work?

The Integrated Solution Group has provided software development services since 1993. During that time we have developed many custom software tools designed to help our clients. Recently our eCommerce software development customers starting asking for a better way to monitor their web sites. They wanted web site monitoring software that would periodically check on all of their web sites and report unavailable sites to them. We responded by creating Web Check 24×7.

Web Check 24×7 is a .NET 2.0 software service designed to run on Microsoft 32 bit Windows platforms (XP, 2000, NT workstation, NT 4.0, Server 2000, Server 2003). The software is designed to check specified web sites at user defined intervals and to report problems via email according to control panel settings. The service starts at boot time and runs continuously in the background, using minimal resources. The virus/spyware free software can be downloaded from the links below and after installation, can be removed from your system at any time via the Add/Remove icon in your Control Panel.

Are There Any Other Requirements?

Yes, In addition to the 32 bit platform already mentioned, there are four additional requirements:

  • You must have a dedicated Internet connection (Cable, DSL, etc.) for the software to function.
  • An email address is required for reporting and you will need to identify your email server.
  • Windows Installer 3.1 is required. If you do not have it on your system the software will prompt you and setup a download/install directly from the Microsoft distribution site.
  • .NET 2.0 Framework is also required and, if you do not have it the software will prompt you and setup a download//install directly from the Microsoft distribution site.

Download Web Check 24X7 Here:

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WebCheckSetup.zip Zip File

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if Web Check 24×7 appears to be reporting false errors?
Web sites on heavily loaded servers can be slow to load pages. You can adjust the timeout value by clicking on Web Check’s Services tab.

What happens if I lose my internet connection?
Web Check 24×7 will continue trying to contact your web sites but will not be able to do so. Because no email connection is available, errors will be written to the web check log.

How do I view the Web Check 24×7 log?
Click on the View Log button at the bottom of the Web Check 24×7 screen to open Windows Event Viewer, then click on WebChkSrv to view the log. You can double click on a log entry to view details.

Why do I see log entries for starting and stopping the Web Check service? Web Check 24×7 checks all of your assigned pages as a group. If all pages are located it will wait the specified checking interval (check sites every X minutes) and repeat the process. If, however, errors are found, Web Check 24×7 will halt the process (generating a log entry), send the appropriate email notices, and restart the checking process (another log entry). Stopping the process allows for immediate processing of email error messages.


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