Web Database Development Solutions

Modern applications require an ever-growing amount of processed and a complex business logic that poses a real challenge to the backends of search engines. Web database development is becoming an increasingly demanding a process, but with the right amount of knowledge it can get done.
Developing a high-performance database involves special background knowledge, as well as software engineering skills. Integrated Solution Group provides only the highest qualified staff who is able to transform all your business requirements into a real physical database design. Our team is comprised of the following:
– Experienced SQL developers
– Proficient analysts and database architects
– Developers with experience in recurring frameworks and personalized ORM programming
– Information security professionals
– Specialized database Q&A team


What We Specialize In

Asides from the normal database development procedures which involve almost any web application, our team is also capable of delivering certain design and development means:


Database Optimization and Refactoring

In case your database poses certain performance issues or faces a decrease in scalability and interoperability, Integrated Solution Group provides the efficient means of eliminating them. In this regard we offer the following services:
– Database testing
– Implementation of improvements
– Entire database refactoring


Database Migration

To help you avoid legacy migration issues and minimize production downtime, Integrated Solution Group offers you the chance to use full-cycle database transfer services. The web database development skills make use of the latest data connectors and target established database along with manual scripting and ETL tools.


Data Connectors

Our team is experienced in providing configurable one-way and bi-directional data connectors. These enable data transfer, mapping and synchronization between different technological platforms, business applications and databases. We propose to accomplish the following:
– Extend software capabilities by adding values and integrating popular platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Salesforce
– Interconnecting various applications to achieve a straight mapping process and avoiding manual iterations and automatic data verification
– Assuring a smooth and transparent support and result-driven workflow with the aid of Business Intelligence


Our Key Principles


Integrated Solution Group puts utmost emphasis on clients’ database security. We provide proactive protection for sensitive data and an easy account management solution. We offer:
– Database roles / security schema laboring
– User authorization and authentication procedures
– Fully secure database connections
– Compliance with the latest database protection standards
– Data encryption
– Audit and vulnerability assessment



We have a large degree of experience in building powerful databases, highly productive architecture, topology, fine-tuned indexing, transactions, queries and many more.

Demanding databases are always required for nowadays applications, and that’s exactly why we focus our online data processing on handling large volumes of structured and unstructured data. We deal with content distribution, news portals, payment gateways, social networks and web 2.0 solutions.

For more information about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime via telephone or web form. We are always here to meet our clients’ needs!

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