Web Database FAQs

Web databases give user the ability to control the contents of the websites without the need to rely on any third party website design company to make the necessary amendments. Different data can be read from the database depending on the information that is requested by the site user. Data can be manipulated and filtered to be displayed in logical and user friendly way.

What are web databases?

Web database are online databases that can be used to facilitate the management of different information stored inside a website. It can be any sort of classified advertisements or inventory reports. Any web database can be used to store music, books, videos, listings, reports, schedules etc. These online database stores the content inside MYSQL database and can be accessed through the administration section or the content management system.

What are database driven websites and how do they differ from static websites?

Static websites has contents that stay the same as the date it was published and need to be amended manually through FTP or HTML and need to be uploaded again during any change or updates. It takes longer time and needs a higher level of knowledge. Web databases make use of dynamic contents where the web page remains the same but the data can be manipulated and can be filtered to be shown as per the requirement. They are easy, quick and reliable to use.

What type of content can be uploaded in a web database?

Any information that needs to be reused or uses same concept throughout the website can be stored in the database. For example, lists or products, phone directories, addresses, price listings are the basic things that are stored inside a web database.

Why do we need web database?

If a site is updated on a regular basis together with a large amount of data, a web database is a must. Smaller websites can also use these databases to benefit greatly by being able to update the contents on their websites quickly and efficiently. It is because of web database that has made the search process easy by displaying the related product as searched by the visitors.

What are the advantages of web databases?

Time management: Updating large number of details at once can be difficult and time consuming for static websites. Editing of contents, updating them, filtering them gets easy when done through web databases.
Skill: The use of these databases does not require any knowledge of HTML or so. Simply filling forms and maintaining the required information in the database can complete the task.
Good features: With databases one can easily carry required mathematical or logical operation. Sorting, arranging of data and products gets easy with these databases.
Pricing: Web databases are very much cost effective as they give the freedom to create and handle dynamic pages. Using these databases is easy and one need not hire anyone to work on the website to update and make necessary implementations.

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