Encyclopedia: Custom Business Software

Custom business software is typically used to describe unique software products designed and developed for a specific business need.

Custom business software covers a broad spectrum of application software products, many that are integrated with comprehensive accounting solutions. More specialized custom business software would include applications such as business productivity software, and warehouse management software.

Custom business software development can be challenging and expensive. Special consideration should be given to the selection / use of existing software products and components. This is especially true when comprehensive accounting requirements are involved. In these cases a carefully selected accounting module containing an SDK (software development kit) or APIs (application program interface) can significantly reduce software development time.

eCommerce software development of custom web based business software can present additional problems / opportunities. Security issues such as secure payment processing and encrypted transfer of confidential data need to be high on the software developer’s priority list. The database design must also be highly effective to provide the performance necessary for an active web site.