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Web Database FAQs

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Web databases give user the ability to control the contents of the websites without the need to rely on any third party website design company to make the necessary amendments. Different data can be read from the database depending on the information that is requested by the site user. Data can be manipulated and filtered to be displayed in logical and user friendly way.

What are web databases?

Web database are online databases that can be used to facilitate the management of different information stored inside a website. It can be any sort of classified advertisements or inventory reports. Any web database can be used to store music, books, videos, listings, reports, schedules etc. These online database stores the content inside MYSQL database and can be accessed through the administration section or the content management system.

What are database driven websites and how do they differ from static websites?

Static websites has contents that stay the same as the date it was published and need to be amended manually through FTP or HTML and need to be uploaded again during any change or updates. It takes longer time and needs a higher level of knowledge. Web databases make use of dynamic contents where the web page remains the same but the data can be manipulated and can be filtered to be shown as per the requirement. They are easy, quick and reliable to use.

What type of content can be uploaded in a web database?

Any information that needs to be reused or uses same concept throughout the website can be stored in the database. For example, lists or products, phone directories, addresses, price listings are the basic things that are stored inside a web database.

Why do we need web database?

If a site is updated on a regular basis together with a large amount of data, a web database is a must. Smaller websites can also use these databases to benefit greatly by being able to update the contents on their websites quickly and efficiently. It is because of web database that has made the search process easy by displaying the related product as searched by the visitors.

What are the advantages of web databases?

Time management: Updating large number of details at once can be difficult and time consuming for static websites. Editing of contents, updating them, filtering them gets easy when done through web databases.
Skill: The use of these databases does not require any knowledge of HTML or so. Simply filling forms and maintaining the required information in the database can complete the task.
Good features: With databases one can easily carry required mathematical or logical operation. Sorting, arranging of data and products gets easy with these databases.
Pricing: Web databases are very much cost effective as they give the freedom to create and handle dynamic pages. Using these databases is easy and one need not hire anyone to work on the website to update and make necessary implementations.

Is Custom Software Development Gaining Popularity?

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Way back in the dark ages of the internet, in the days of kilobytes and the newly born Internet which was accessed through a dialup connection, software was developed specifically for and by individual companies. More often than not, it was made completely from scratch due to the fact that there was simply nothing else around. If you required some software in order to schedule management of human resources, production or monitor expenses and time, then you’d be forced in to having to have custom software developed for you.

Custom software development used to be seen as something which was incredibly expensive and also time consuming. Companies expected any custom software development projects to have much larger lead times. This was thanks to the chance of project failure, despite the amount of money and time which was funneled in to it.

Software packages then quickly started to appear on shelves, their availability increased massively and the price tags dropped. Obviously, businesses then started to use them far more than ever before. This software does have issues as well, though. Usually it’ll include some more features than a business actually requires. The implementation of the software can also be a lengthy process for IT departments to fully learn, implement, manage and adapt to.

Recently companies have started to return back to their custom software applications which are targeted at the businesses core requirements because of a few things:

  • Companies don’t want to waste money on features they aren’t using.
  • The techniques used in software development have become far more advanced. The entire process is now much quicker and easier.
  • You can integrate mobile applications in to custom software, which allows for an easy transition between different devices.
  • The freshest software projects will be able to learn from the mistakes of past programs.

Multiple approaches to development like the Rapid Application Development, or RAD, are now going through a fantastic period of success because of the expansion in popularity of this old-school software development style. Development teams can now quickly prototype their listed pressing requirements and move briskly on to creating functioning software that provides an effective solution to the business’s core requirements. The software team will then solicit feedback as to how exactly the software runs and moulds the business’ feedback in to their continual development process.

A development team will be expecting to make alterations to their software from the very beginning. New revisions and versions are typically revealed to the business every few weeks. Maintaining transparency reduces the risk and also the cost to the business.

That’s a huge selection for business’ to choose from when they’re looking for the software which suits their needs. Whilst we probably won’t see off-the-shelf software leaving the scene any time in the near future, this new (and old) development style is truly taking off. Perform the correct research, come to an educated decision and do whatever’s best for your business.

How Affordable Is Custom Software?

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If you’re buried under mounds of paperwork, stuck with sluggish management reports which take hours or even days, it’s pretty likely that you can’t afford NOT to be having custom software development for your business.

If it’s been done right, custom software will cover its own costs and then some through significant increases in productivity and, most importantly, huge reductions in job stress. All businesses have their own distinguishing factors. Usually, off-the-shelf software will lack the full variety of features that you require. That, or it’ll have so many features that your employees don’t understand how to use it. That’s why a tailor made, custom software development process will be beneficial. Businesses don’t all work in the same way, in fact the truth is quite the opposite. Specialized products and services require specialized software. It’s as simple as that.

If you’re thinking of opting for custom software, it’s important that you use a company that serves your business effectively. There’s also got to be no licensing costs and you should maintain complete control over the software.

We don’t sell or market any of our software, which includes the software which we develop for you. Our contract will grant you explicit ownership rights to your software and we’ll also relinquish any claims to any copyrights. This will give you peace of mind in the knowledge that your essential trade secrets don’t end up in the hands of your competitor.

Throughout the years, there’s been the odd occasion where a client’s former employee has been in contact with us and they’ve asked to have a program developed for them that’s “like” his or her former employer’s software. In every case where this has sprung up, we’ve immediately refused and contacted the client as quickly as possible in order to inform them of the attempt.

We understand that the development of custom software is a long term, and also confidential commitment for both parties. As your business naturally changes and grows, you’ll want to incorporate greater capabilities and features to your custom software. We want you to feel completely secure that you’re leaving the work to very capable hands.

The length of the development process depends entirely on the nature of the project. It’s easy to jump straight in to simpler, smaller projects and have them completed very quickly. However, projects on a much larger scale will take a much larger amount of time to complete. For such project, a development plan and a phased approach are usually appropriate to keep the project on time and of course, within budget.

Web Database Development Solutions

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Modern applications require an ever-growing amount of processed and a complex business logic that poses a real challenge to the backends of search engines. Web database development is becoming an increasingly demanding a process, but with the right amount of knowledge it can get done.
Developing a high-performance database involves special background knowledge, as well as software engineering skills. Integrated Solution Group provides only the highest qualified staff who is able to transform all your business requirements into a real physical database design. Our team is comprised of the following:
– Experienced SQL developers
– Proficient analysts and database architects
– Developers with experience in recurring frameworks and personalized ORM programming
– Information security professionals
– Specialized database Q&A team


What We Specialize In

Asides from the normal database development procedures which involve almost any web application, our team is also capable of delivering certain design and development means:


Database Optimization and Refactoring

In case your database poses certain performance issues or faces a decrease in scalability and interoperability, Integrated Solution Group provides the efficient means of eliminating them. In this regard we offer the following services:
– Database testing
– Implementation of improvements
– Entire database refactoring


Database Migration

To help you avoid legacy migration issues and minimize production downtime, Integrated Solution Group offers you the chance to use full-cycle database transfer services. The web database development skills make use of the latest data connectors and target established database along with manual scripting and ETL tools.


Data Connectors

Our team is experienced in providing configurable one-way and bi-directional data connectors. These enable data transfer, mapping and synchronization between different technological platforms, business applications and databases. We propose to accomplish the following:
– Extend software capabilities by adding values and integrating popular platforms such as Amazon Web Services and Salesforce
– Interconnecting various applications to achieve a straight mapping process and avoiding manual iterations and automatic data verification
– Assuring a smooth and transparent support and result-driven workflow with the aid of Business Intelligence


Our Key Principles


Integrated Solution Group puts utmost emphasis on clients’ database security. We provide proactive protection for sensitive data and an easy account management solution. We offer:
– Database roles / security schema laboring
– User authorization and authentication procedures
– Fully secure database connections
– Compliance with the latest database protection standards
– Data encryption
– Audit and vulnerability assessment



We have a large degree of experience in building powerful databases, highly productive architecture, topology, fine-tuned indexing, transactions, queries and many more.

Demanding databases are always required for nowadays applications, and that’s exactly why we focus our online data processing on handling large volumes of structured and unstructured data. We deal with content distribution, news portals, payment gateways, social networks and web 2.0 solutions.

For more information about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime via telephone or web form. We are always here to meet our clients’ needs!

Benefits of Custom Database Software

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One of the major dilemma of companies when it comes to application workforce is whether they should opt for custom database software or off-the-shelf (commercial) one. While each solution has its own advantages, there is definitely an obvious inclination toward the custom development. In the following lines we’ll describe in detail the advantages of a custom development software:


Easily Customizable

With the aid of custom databases you can organize and access information more easily, in a way which makes sense for your company. Setting goals becomes easier, just as it happens with progress measurement and operations handling. This builds a tremendous value for your business, allowing it to develop continuously in the proper environment. With custom solutions you’ll always have an edge over your competitors as you’re the one who’s for the main operational functions. You can personalize it in detail to perform exactly as expected, a feature that is hardly available with commercial software.


Long Term Efficiency

What’s truly great about custom databases is just how easily you can add new features and processes and how flexible they remain every time. This comes in a sharp contrast to the inflexible software which gives you no option but to do things the way programmers intended to. Ultimately, the freedom and flexibility that you gain with custom software enables you to modify, streamline and develop your database as per your actual needs. Why deal with the same unintuitive routine when you could have your own personalized way of doing things?


Quick and Agile Development

When speaking about custom databases and its easily customizable features, we quickly discover that a typical cycle takes no longer than 1-2 weeks, period which includes review, testing and feedback. Such quick cycle enables you to resolve all issues quickly, add new features and quickly modify code when the need arises. This is largely unavailable with off-the-shelf software, where you’re being stuck with only the traditional way of doing things. Creativity is limited to a large extent if you cannot modify the product as needed, and this will be easily observed into your profitability graph. By comparison, this is no longer a problem with a custom solution.


Saves Money

While custom database software may initially cost more than off-the-shelf solutions, in the long run this difference is largely ameliorated. You’ll quickly notice that such product can even help you save money by reducing inefficiencies, technical problems and overhead costs. You can later invest this money into your company’s infrastructure, thus greatly enhancing development and productivity.

Benefits of Using Custom Business Software

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Computer applications have greatly advanced in complexity lately, thus becoming able to reduce human effort and improving services delivered for organizations. However, there is still a significant difference remaining between custom software platforms and off-the shelf (public) ones. While each of them has its advantages, one cannot really maximize business potential in the absence of a well-tailored solution. Custom applications were specifically designed as to streamline business operations and enhance their efficiency. Below are the most important advantages of using custom business software:
Smooth coordination of business processes

Web applications in the business niche are created to assist companies in coordinating various processes, mainly with the aid of a central information repository. Such action enhances communication between various business departments, thus making them easier to administer and operate. Centralized software also serves the purpose of analyzing organizational needs and can be used by multiple stakeholders in one’s company in this regard.


Easy to update

The company can easily manipulate and update content in various custom web applications. This gives them an advantage in front of the competition, as they can host new and accurate details on proprietary website. Applications also give them the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. A web developer can easily choose to install new designs or tools in the custom areas of the website and benefit from more flexibility in this regard. Thus, by utilizing custom business software, the company gains the ability to form loyal customers and turn simple visitors into potential new clients.


Easier adoption on employees’ side

Software developers design custom mobile apps with company in mind. They have to merge seamlessly with the firm’s ongoing processes while simplifying various employees’ task. Using standard business software, employees are stuck with using a default model that’s often clumsy and unintuitive. However, custom mobile applications give them the ability to smoothly transition from one process to another, hence simplifying their jobs and boosting adoption rate altogether.


License fees are not required anymore

Custom software applications are created for a specific organization, taking into account it’s employees’ skills and overall goals. There is no need for a license fee, as the company which buys the software holds all the rights for it for lifetime, and can choose to do just about whatever with it. Custom mobile applications can be utilized by a very large share of people, all without the need for paying extra. As a business develops, changes in the web application can be made without authorization or certification.